Sep 12, 2008

Football and Futbol.

Well, school is in full swing out here in Maine and that means it's time for sports. Yesterday I went to Westbrook High School and watched the Freshman Blue Blazes. Jared, my field mentor, is the assistant coach at Westbrook. It was a good game to watch. I felt bad for the freshman, 2 of whom go to EastPointe, because the score was 46-8. If the first quarter could be thrown out, however, the score would be 16-8. It was a good time, and the two kids from the youth ministry did well, but it was kind of a rough game.

Tonight it was soccer at Windham High School. I was planning on going to Scarborough, but turns out that game was away and over an hour away. So I went with the family I went with to the boys' soccer game. It was a great game, and really close the whole time. If it weren't for one pk, it would have been even closer. Windham lost 2-0, but played well. It really made me miss playing soccer. Maybe, if my future wife will let me, I will play next year. I still have years of eligibility left.

While at the soccer game I also learned a few things about Maine. 1: The temperature swing from day to evening is a lot bigger than in the Midwest. It's been in the 70's during the day, but it will dip down to the 40's at night. Lesson learned is: always have warmer clothes for the evening. 2: I need to get a rain coat, a warm rain coat. Because of the swing in temperature, when it rains at night, it gets a little colder. Thankfully, I was warm enough tonight during the game, but in the future, it probably won't be good enough. Basically, the moral of the story, is when in Maine be prepared for cold.

This weekend, Rondel, my youth ministry professor, is coming to visit. So there should be some interesting stories from this weekend.
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