Jul 24, 2009

Last week and next.

Not too much has happened since the trip to Colorado. We had a very eventful weekend last weekend. We spent the weekend in Herrin, IL with Lindsay's sister's family. They are moving to Maryland and so we spent the weekend playing with the kids. It was a great weekend filled with aunt and uncle time. We love those kids and had a great time.

This next week, I am going to be at Little Galilee Christian Assembly. I volunteered to help and was asked to teach. I am thoroughly looking forward to this week.

Jul 11, 2009

New Experiment: Gardening

As Lindsay and I were walking around Wal-Mart yesterday, we noticed that there were flowers for 50¢. So we bought a few flowers, some dirt, planting boxes and decided that we would start a little garden right off our patio. Then we went home and cleared out the garden area and picked up all the stones that the previous renters had put down to walk out on. Today we went to Ace to see what they had. They had tomato plants and pepper plants for 25¢. So we bought those. We also got some stepping stones to put down instead of lots of little rocks. So now we are trying to grow things in our small "backyard" space. Here are few pictures to show you what we're doing:

This is our garden space.
Lindsay planting some Marigolds next to the Vincas
Here's our pepper plant.
One of the Marigolds up close.
That's our humble garden for now.

Jul 6, 2009

Peter In Real Life

If you've seen the movie Dan in Real Life you could get a basic understanding of my week in Colorado. Not the plot of the movie, but the setting. The movie stars Steve Carell as "Dan in Real Life" who is spending the week in a giant house with the rest of his family. And that's what I did.

This last week Linds and I went to Colorado and spent the week in a big vacation home with most of my immediate family. We went to Breckenridge, CO and the h
ouse sits at around 10,000 ft above sea level.

It was a really fun week. We spent a few days walking around the town and checking out the shops. We spent one morning hiking up part of a mountain. One morning we went to a little fun park at the base of Peak 8 in Breckenridge. We bowled another day. We did a lot of fun stuff.

The best part, however, was just being able to spend time with my family. The main purpose of the trip was to spend time with my brother's family. They haven't been able to travel since my nephew was born (that's my nephew on the left). He was born premature and has had numerous health issues since his birth. They were able to come out for my wedding in May, but we didn't spend much time just hanging out. So we took this trip out with my parents, one sister's family, and my uncle's family to Colorado and had a lot of great family bonding time. I can't wait to do it again and see them all again. Maybe this time, however, we can stay at a place with a little more oxygen than Breckenridge, CO.

Jul 4, 2009


I'm on my way back from Colorado. While you anxiously await my post about the trip check out my dad's blog. I'm sure that you'd enjoy it. His blog is an exploration into and his thoughts on discipleship. In his most recent post he asks the question, "Men, Where Do You Get Your Strength?"

If you're still looking for something to read after that, check out other blogs that I follow. They're all pretty interesting.

Jul 1, 2009

a quick update

Lindsay and I are in Colorado on a Stevens Family vacation.

Last Friday, my parents came to Lincoln and we took my dad down to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Museum as a Father's day present. Then we took my parents to D'Arcy's Pint in Springfield (which I highly recommend if you are ever in that area.)

Saturday morning we got up and drove to Kansas. It wasn't a bad drive. We had a good time in the car. We met one of my sisters and my uncle's family in Hays, KS and spent the night there. Then on Sunday we got up and drove to Colorado. We stopped at my brother's house in Castle Rock for lunch. Then we drove to Breckenridge. Probably the most interesting part was the Eisenhower Tunnel which goes under a mountain. That's where we are this week and I'll have more from the week later.