Oct 25, 2008

My Week with Lindsay (and a day with my dad)

Well, like I said in my last post, Lindsay was out here this week. After Monday, we just spent some time in the area. On Tuesday Night, we went to my small group. There we had dinner and fun times. Lindsay got to meet all the people that I have hung out with since I've been here. It's was a fun night with lots of laughter. They really seemed to like Lindsay, which makes me happy.

Wednesday we went over to the mall. We also went to Borders. We spent some time at Borders reading. Linds read some cooking magazines while I read a book called Blink and Jesus Wants to Save Christians. After that we went out to eat at a place that Lindsay was begging me to eat at. She wanted to eat at Costa Vida. It's a great place and if you are in Maine or somewhere out west, then you should find one and go there.

Thursday was an adventure. My dad met us at EastPointe and we went out exploring that afternoon. We saw four lighthouses on the coast (plus two from a distance on islands and one that doesn't work any more). We spent all afternoon traveling down the coast and looking at the lighthouses. It was a great afternoon with my fiancee and my dad. We ended the evening at the Lobster Shack and got some real seafood. My dad spent the night and then went back to New Hampshire to teach for a retreat.

Friday, Linds and I relaxed and worked on some homework. We watched Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal skull. It was a nice relaxing end to the week.

Finally on Saturday I took Linds to they airport and she went home.
And that was my week with my fiancee and the day with my dad.

I've updated my picture albums, so there are more in the New England Adventures album and there's an album for Lindsay's trip.
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