May 28, 2009

Done with school, time to start married life.

It's been an interesting few weeks. For starters, two weeks ago I graduated from college. Now I'm moving on to seminary. in the fall i'll be starting my masters in Christian Education. I'm excited about moving on in my education even though most are glad to be done with school. I will say that I am a little envious about all those people getting a job in the field they graduated in, I will still be a barista come this fall and I will also be a teaching assistant for the head of my department in seminary. I love working at the coffeeshop and it will be good to be a TA, but I also would like to find a full time ministry to work in at some point. My time will come, and till then I make coffee and be a TA.

Since graduation, I have been relaxing and getting stuff done for the wedding and for after the wedding. I've been working on getting groomsman gifts and trying to plan for the honeymoon and anything that I can do to help Lindsay while I'm in Indy. She's down in Southern, IL getting ready for the wedding, setting up for the reception, and going crazy doing as much as possible. Tomorrow I'll head down there so that we can get our marriage license. Tomorrow night is the rehearsal, and then Saturday at 2 we'll be getting married. That's crazy.

Besides getting ready for the wedding, I've had a chance to see most of my family in the last two weeks. My brother and his family flew to Indy this Sunday. I haven't seen him since Christmas of 07 and this is the first time that my nephew Alex has ever left Colorado. It was great to be able to see them and sit down and have dinner with them. Yesterday, my sister and her family drove in from New York. I haven't seen them since this Christmas, and it's been fun so far to have them hanging out at the house. My other sister and her family live here in Indy and I've had a chance over the last couple days to see them and hang out with my niece and nephew when they come over.

It's been a good couple of weeks and I've almost made it to my big day. After the wedding we're heading to Brown County, IN for a week and then coming back to Lincoln to start living in our tiny little apartment.
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