Jul 11, 2009

New Experiment: Gardening

As Lindsay and I were walking around Wal-Mart yesterday, we noticed that there were flowers for 50¢. So we bought a few flowers, some dirt, planting boxes and decided that we would start a little garden right off our patio. Then we went home and cleared out the garden area and picked up all the stones that the previous renters had put down to walk out on. Today we went to Ace to see what they had. They had tomato plants and pepper plants for 25¢. So we bought those. We also got some stepping stones to put down instead of lots of little rocks. So now we are trying to grow things in our small "backyard" space. Here are few pictures to show you what we're doing:

This is our garden space.
Lindsay planting some Marigolds next to the Vincas
Here's our pepper plant.
One of the Marigolds up close.
That's our humble garden for now.
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