Jul 1, 2009

a quick update

Lindsay and I are in Colorado on a Stevens Family vacation.

Last Friday, my parents came to Lincoln and we took my dad down to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Museum as a Father's day present. Then we took my parents to D'Arcy's Pint in Springfield (which I highly recommend if you are ever in that area.)

Saturday morning we got up and drove to Kansas. It wasn't a bad drive. We had a good time in the car. We met one of my sisters and my uncle's family in Hays, KS and spent the night there. Then on Sunday we got up and drove to Colorado. We stopped at my brother's house in Castle Rock for lunch. Then we drove to Breckenridge. Probably the most interesting part was the Eisenhower Tunnel which goes under a mountain. That's where we are this week and I'll have more from the week later.

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