Jan 25, 2010

What I did on my Christmas Vacation...

Here's the promised post on the Christmas Vacation...

On December 20th, Linds and I embarked on our Christmas Vacation. We started our trip in Bone Gap, only staying their briefly, and quickly headed to Baltimore to spend time with Lindsay's sisters. Over the week that we were there, I think we celebrated Christmas (or at least had a Christmas meal) about once a day. The highlight of the Christmas festivities was the Christmas play put on by the children under the direction of my mother-in-law. It was very cute and a joy to watch. It really was just a jam packed week of hanging out with nieces and nephews.

We rode out with Lindsay's parents and her grandparents also made the trip out. And aside from sleeping on a futon for a week, it was a great trip. It had been since the wedding since we had seen most of her sisters and nieces and nephews. We had our fair share of playing Aunt and Uncle and truly enjoyed it. We can't wait to go back, although the beginning of school really makes it hard to travel longer than just a weekend.

From Baltimore, we drove back to Bone Gap and chilled for a few days before visiting Indy for the weekend. This was more Christmas for us and my family, although we really celebrated over New Years. It was very nice to be in Indy, it's a wonderful city, that I miss especially during Sundays in the football season. Go Colts!

The rest of the vacation we spent in Lincoln. We got a few weeks of rest combined with a little bit of work in the coffeeshop for me and the library for Linds.

Because it's Christmas, I ought to mention our favorite gifts. Linds is in love with her chair from Ikea bought with Christmas money from Grandma and Grandad, and I am getting frequent use out of my new coffeemaker (although the mugs seem to be in short supply after a few days of coffee enjoyment).

We have now gotten back into the swing of school. These last two weeks were the first weeks of full time school and work, and a return to the volunteer ministry gig at Jeff Street. I just started teaching the college students again and Linds is back to leading the choir. That's all for now from the frozen and windy cornfields of Lincoln. Soon, I hope to share with you what I read on my Christmas vacation.
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