Jun 14, 2010


Summer is officially here for me now. I finished my last homework assignment on Friday.  It was a great semester and I am happy that now I actually have time to write on the blog again and do a lot of other fun stuff.

May was really hectic for Lindsay and I.  She finished up here M.A. and graduated. Then the following Tuesday she started a new job. She's working a full time job here at LCU as an administrative assistant. Ironically, she works for the wife of the professor who I am a TA for.  We are very thankful for this job because it allows us to stay in Lincoln while I continue to work on my masters degree.  May was crazy for me because I finished up my spring semester while getting ready for my intensive class.  Meanwhile, I was trying to find some employment as well, which I did find. I am now a barista at Jamani Java in Bloomington, IL.  I was training last week and I am starting to work more regularly this week.  Even though I've worked in a coffee shop for 4 of the past 5 years, every coffee shop is different and does things different ways. It's exciting and I am very thankful for a job that doesn't end with the school year.

We're not quite sure of all the things we're doing this summer, so if you have any (cheap) suggestions let us know.  I do know one thing however, I will be doing lots of reading. Some for fun and some to get ready for this next semester.
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