Aug 2, 2010

I love Camp.

Last week, I was at camp. It was great. I spent the week hanging out with kids, acting strangely, and speaking at campfire.

The students were some of the best I've had at camp. They responded well to lessons, they paid attention most of the time, and were all around fun kids. We played a lot of crazy games (usually games one of us counselors had made up).  They also raised over $1000 dollars for our missionary. Part of the thousand came from a t-shirt auction. All the counselors made t-shirts.
This is mine:
We played a game during the week called Jurassic Tag. Basically rock, paper, scissors with dinosaurs. So I made a shirt for it. The best part is that the dinosaurs glow in the dark.

 The acting strangely came at the talent show. Every year we put on a talent show for the students. The acts this year were fantastic. The strangeness comes from the antics that we insert, including the brick joke. Sam Davis and I ended the show with a pool noodle fight. Which to my knowledge there is no footage or photos of (Here's a previous fight on youtube).

My favorite part of the week is teaching, but I'll write about that tomorrow.
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