Apr 12, 2011

Review of Tithing by Douglas Leblanc

Tithing is one of the oldest practices in the Bible. It goes all the way back to Abraham giving Melchizedek a tenth of everything in Genesis 14. It is also one of the most widely known about practices in church today. Because of this, one might think that another book about tithing is not needed. The Bible is pretty straight forward: the Old Testament says to give a tenth, and the New Testament says to give generously. Leblanc, however, is not writing just another book on why we should tithe or how to tithe. Instead, he writes to tell the stories of people who are deeply committed to giving their financial resources to the kingdom of God and how God has blessed them in their lives.

In all honesty, I mostly got this book to complete the ancient practice series. What I got out of Tithing, however, was a blessing. Typically people make the argument to tithe based on a legalistic conviction that God will abundantly bless you with more and more wealth if you tithe, but Leblanc gives the stories of real people living in the conviction that their possession are blessings from God and they should pass on those blessing to others. Most of the stories convey a conviction to love those around them. From an author who gives all the money made by his books away to a minister sacrificing to rebuild after Katrina, Leblanc tells real stories of real people loving God and others. Tithing is not just about fulfilling a obligation to God, it is about living sacrificially so that others might live and this book testifies to that.

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