Feb 6, 2009

somethings I wish I could do a little more

It's been about a month since I've been back at school. I've spent my time getting back into the swing of things and doing lots of reading. Since being back at school, I have read 4 books completely and I'm in the middle of 4 other books currently. I really wish that I had the time to read these books well, and other books for that matter. I am a slow reader and have to admit that some books get "mostly" read so that I am able to get the reading done. My semester is going to be a lot of reading.

One other thing that I wish I could do a lot more of I did a few nights ago. One of my friends was leading worship at the student lead worship service called Focus. I convinced him to let me play drums for the night. I played drums a few times over my internship and I've played congas once and drums once at Jeff St. CC since I've been back to school, but I can say that it's been a few years since I've really been forced to step up my drum playing. To understand why i had to step up my drumming, here are a few of the songs we played (these aren't us playing): overcome, all because of Jesus, and marvelous light. I was very grateful for the chance to break out my drum sticks once again and play the set.
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