Sep 2, 2009

It has begun.

My first week of seminary at LCU is officially over. Yesterday I had my first Hebrew Class and today I had my first "Shaping the Heart of the Leader" class. The experience is certainly a lot different from college. The classes are longer, the demographic is a little wider (everyone from new college grads to retirees), and the work is harder. I am very excited to push on and learn more.

Hebrew is what the name suggests, we will be learning Hebrew. Yesterday was sort of a linguistic "culture shock" for most. First of all the letters look like this ב ג ד, which is the equivalent of b g d. Second, what you see there is really d g b, because the writing goes from right to left instead of left to right. And Third, there aren't really vowels, for example one of my favorite words is "שמצ" which is pronounced "shema" but spelled (transliterated) šm' in English. So, needless to say, life is interesting in hebrew.

Shaping the Heart of a Leader is going to be a great class to start seminary with. Over the next three weeks we will be doing personality evaluations like DiSC and Myers-Briggs. Then we will integrate our personality in to how we do leadership. Also, all of that is combined with learning about and focusing on the spiritual growth of a leader. I look forward to learning about myself, how I lead, and also how to take care of spiritual life.

I won't start my third class until the intensive week, but I have enough on my plate currently, so the next few weeks should be great.
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