Oct 28, 2009

Life goes on in Lincoln.

Life has been really busy which has kept me from posting. No much exciting has happened in Lincoln since the last post. There's still corn, it's still windy, and there's still homework.

Linds and I have been to Indy twice, however, since I last posted. The first time it was for Dave Ramsey. Linds' dad graciously provided tickets for us to attend Dave's Total Money Makeover. It was fantastic and we were very glad that we could go. Sadly, we were only in Indy for about 16 hours. It was on a Thursday night so we couldn't stay the weekend, since we had to be back to work on Friday.

Two weekends later we went back to Indy to see my sister, Julie, and her kids. She was in town and so we went home to hang out. It was a great weekend. It was nice to enjoy the amenities of Indy that Lincoln doesn't have (a used book store being one of them), but it was more fun just to be able to spend time with family.

Other than that, my time has been spent grading, teaching Sunday school, reading, writing papers, going to class, and working. Life is certainly busy in Lincoln.
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