Sep 21, 2008

Middle Schoolers and Seven-Eleven.

No, I didn't take Middle School students down to the seven-eleven, but those were both the highlights of my day.

Today is Sunday, which for me is a day at "the office." Only my office on Sunday is a former karate studio packed with middle school students. Now that's awesome. Every Sunday, I help lead the Middle School part of the Sunday night Fusion service as a part of the Student Ministries at EastPointe Christian Church. So, from 6-7:30pm every Sunday night it's me, 3 other awesome leaders, and 25 students hanging out in the E-kids room. Tonight was an awesome night, and really energized me.

Each Sunday consists of games and then a lesson. Tonight we played elbow tag and shuffle your buns, and our lesson was on the first of the five purposes. We talked about Shining the Light of Jesus. The big idea of the lesson was that we evangelize because God cares for people wants them to be saved. God made us, he loves us, and he wants us to have a relationship with us. That is why he wants Christians to spread the good news of Jesus. Because of love. And that was my lesson. The night went really well. The students asked lots of questions and participated really well. It's nights like these that make me love youth ministry. I hope that I was as awesome as these middle schoolers when I was their age.

Then after that, I found out that the Colts lost, sad. Then I left, and went to fill up my car. This is where Seven-Eleven comes in. Recently, I discovered that the seven-eleven by the church drops its price for Sundays. So, thanks to seven-eleven, my evening ended with cheap (sort-of) gas at 3.50 a gallon.

This was my Sunday, and will probably be what a typical Sunday is like for me for a while. I just hope all the Fusions are close to being this good.
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